Shelagh McDonald and Nigel H Seymour

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£10 Full
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Apr 2018 5 Thu 7:45pm (doors: 7:15pm)

International singer songwriter Nigel H Seymour and the legendary folk rock singer Shelagh McDonald have joined forces, and are once more treading the boards of the concert stage creating a new musical experience after a prolonged absence by Shelagh.

Shelagh McDonald’s story is the stuff of legend. After her rise to international fame in the early 1970s, only to ‘disappear’ after three very successful album releases…to appear again in the mid 2000’s

To see Shelagh McDonald play in the flesh today, is a history making experience for people, owing to the fact that Shelagh had no intention of picking up a guitar and playing it again after her legendary disappearance… 

It has taken several years for Shelagh MacDonald to achieve her present point of performance, which recently has taken another twist with her reinstatement by BMG in London, who are now re issuing her back catalogue on vinyl and CD with updated cover and notes.

Nigel H Seymour‘s story is as wildly vivid as Shelagh’s in many ways with releases in South America, and recently his ‘Europe’ album in the Uk, which made a prominent mark…

No one who ventures to see these two artists will be disappointed, on the contrary, they will leave after with a feeling of having seen and heard something quite unique, and very ‘different’.   Seymour’s unique voice is matched by Shelagh McDonalds incredible guitar style and equally incredible vocal.