The Guild of Players presents Sheila's Island by Tim Firth

The Guild of Players
Ticket prices 
£15 Full Price
£12 Concession
£10 GOP
*subject to booking fees (except at theatre box office)
Apr 2024 24 Wed 7:30pm (doors: 6:30pm)
Apr 2024 25 Thu 7:30pm (doors: 6:30pm)
Apr 2024 26 Fri 7:30pm (doors: 6:30pm)
Apr 2024 27 Sat 7:30pm (doors: 6:30pm)

"Sheila's Island" by Tim Firth is a darkly comedic and suspenseful play that unfolds on a remote island off the coast of Britain. The story centers around two couples who are thrown together by chance when their holiday plans go awry due to a storm. Sheila, an eccentric and charismatic woman, becomes the unexpected hostess, and tensions mount as secrets are revealed, relationships are tested, and survival becomes uncertain. As the storm rages outside, the group must confront their fears, desires, and the consequences of their past decisions. "Sheila's Island" is a thrilling exploration of human nature, with humor and suspense intertwined, making it a gripping and thought-provoking theatrical experience.