Gary Faulds Live!

Ticket prices 
£11 All tickets
*subject to booking fees (except at theatre box office)
Apr 2019 27 Sat 5:00pm (doors: 4:30pm)
Apr 2019 27 Sat 8:00pm (doors: 7:30pm)

Gary Faulds Live! 

Well 2018 was nuts, I went from gigging in the back room of a pub to selling out five theatres, the country’s best comedy club, the country’s biggest comedy club and a tour of Cyprus!

The dream is well and truly alive thanks to all of you, 2 million of you watch my Facebook live videos every month, and it’s time I stepped up the game.

2019 will be as eventful and nuts as last year, only this time things will be bigger and better. 

I’ve gone from being a nobody to getting free pakora, clothes and haircuts for life. At my first theatre show a women fainted! Don’t worry her pals dragged her out the room and came back in to enjoy the show. (TRUE STORY) 

Not only would you be contributing to my dream, you will get a great night of comedy. Go on get yer card oot and click the buy now button. Cum and get a face full of fun hahahahahahah see what I did there…… Ok I need the money to fuel my kebab addiction please support me…

Strictly over 18+ as my SpongeBob jokes are savage!