Four Blokes in Search of a Plot

Ticket prices 
£8 All tickets
£12 Four Blokes/Sleuthing offer
*subject to booking fees (except at theatre box office)
Jan 2019 25 Fri 7:30pm (doors: 7:00pm)

They’re back – despite public demand!

Yes, those Four Blokes will continue their search for that elusive plot, while the Carry on Sleuthing crowd will be on the trail of a killer

Neil Broadfoot, Gordon Brown, Mark Leggatt and Douglas Skelton are the four crime writers who will create a crime story before your very eyes.

Caro Ramsay, Lucy Cameron and Michael J. Malone will then join them to reveal the murderer in the scripted play ‘A Death on the Ocean Wave’ – with the help of the audience.

It’s drama at its best! It’s a thrill ride! It’s an incisive observational piece about modern life!

It’s none of these things and a lot more besides.

The gang had the audience rolling in the aisles last year – loosening the bolts in the seats helped – and in 2019 they’ll be back for another mysterical evening of murder and mirth.

Tickets: £8 per show; buy tickets for both Four Blokes and Carry on Sleuthing for £12 - who can resist that bargain?!