Four Blokes in Search of a Plot

Running time 
60 minutes
Ticket prices 
£8 Full
£12 Four Blokes/Carry on Sleuthing Double Bill
*subject to booking fees
Jan 2018 23 Tue 7:30pm (doors: 7:00pm)

There’s a rubber duck. There’s a Tea Cosy of Inspiration (TCOI ™). There’s madness. Now a Dumfries audience has the chance to witness the birth of a crime story and help write it.

Neil Broadfoot, Gordon Brown, Mark Leggatt and Douglas Skelton took part in the 2017 Saltire Society #ScotLitFest crime creation collaboration, where over the course of four hours online they wrote a crime story, complete with murder, mayhem and a rubber duck. Now, in person and almost live, they will repeat the process, with help from the audience.

They will ask for a lead character and a crime - and that’s about as prepared as they get. Each author will take it in turns - selected again by the audience - to contribute to the story. Meanwhile, the others will field questions on writing, crime, and writing crime. The author will then read his passage aloud, because he’s not getting away with it that easily.

If you want to know how this crime writing lark is done/not done, or just want to see four writers make absolute fools of themselves (and each other) book now to avoid disappointment.