The End of Eddy

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Sep 2018 8 Sat 7:30pm (doors: 7:00pm)

Can we create our own freedom?

  • Based on the book En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule by Édouard Louis
  • Adapted by Pamela Carter
  • Directed by Stewart Laing

'My crime wasn't doing something. My crime was being something. Being different in a way everyone else could see.'

Born into poverty in an isolated village in rural France, a boy grows up amongst hard men and women living hard and violent lives. Bullied relentlessly for being gay, this is the story of Eddy’s struggle to understand who he is, who he might become, and of his fight to escape.  

Written when he was just 21 and combining vivid storytelling with frank reflections on sexuality, class and power, this new stage adaptation of Édouard Louis’s internationally acclaimed autobiographical novel is filled with hope, lust, love and anger. 

This is a co-production between the Unicorn Theatre and Scotland’s pioneering Untitled Projects’ team - visionary Scottish director, designer Stewart Laing and writer Pamela Carter. The show will premiere at Edinburgh International Festival before its London opening at the Unicorn.

Contains explicit sexual references and frequent use of strong language. Recommended 16+