Up and Down

Running time 
35 minutes
Ticket prices 
£10 Family
£7 Child
£5 Concession
*subject to booking fees (except at theatre box office)
Apr 2021 9 Fri 11:00am (doors: 11:00am)

Presented by Arts Live and Theatre Royal Dumfries as part of the 2021 Puppet Animation Scotland Festival

Mira and Troggle are best of friends

Although they are far away
One high in the sky, one deep in a den
They’re meeting for tea today

Our two characters are inspired by the elements of earth and air. Troggle digs for treasure and has burrowing animal friends, Mira sings a lot and plays with the weather. They are otherworldly and charming people who share aspects of their very different worlds with the visitors who come to tea. They each offer a window into their distinct and intriguing homes, playing with each other and sending gifts through their tin-can phones.

A charming, interactive and multi-sensory online performance for children under 5 and their grown-ups.

Those attending the performance must have sufficient broadband to run an interactive Zoom meeting, and a computer or large tablet that they can view the experience on.

Tickets must be purchased on or before the 8th April. The link for the show will be sent out on the morning of Friday 9th April. The show will take place on Zoom and is only available at 11am.