Icarus Theatre presents Macbeth

Icarus Theatre
Ticket prices 
£18 Full
£9 Full-time student
*subject to booking fees
Mar 2018 7 Wed 2:00pm (doors: 1:30pm)
Mar 2018 7 Wed 7:30pm (doors: 7:00pm)
Mar 2018 8 Thu 11:00am (doors: 10:30am)

Something wicked this way comes... 

The vicious, barbaric undercurrent in Shakespeare’s most fear-filled tragedy erupts in this kinetic, blood-thirsty production.

Unrivalled on the battlefield, Macbeth is rewarded with rank and favour by a grateful king. But war has left scars. With each enemy Macbeth butchers to serve his own vaulting ambition, his lust for power takes a more menacing grip. Spectres slaughtered on the battlefield drip poison in his ear, and passions erupt as he ferociously seizes the throne. But, violence breeds violence, and a reign born in blood quickly spirals out of control as Macbeth's demons return to destroy him.

Set in the 11th century and culminating in an epic battle filled with revenge, justice, and beheadings, Icarus blends traditional and physical theatre and brings vividly to life some of literature’s most vibrant language and characters. 

Recommended 11+ (contains violence)