A Spoonful of Sherman - Sophie-Louise Dann Q&A

What is ‘A SPOONFUL OF SHERMAN’ about?

It’s a revue created from the incredible catalogue of the Sherman family's music. A sort of musical memoir featuring the songbook of your childhood.

What do you do in the show?

Alongside four wonderful colleagues we sing a fabulous selection of Sherman brothers hit songs narrating their story throughout the evening.

When did you first discover the music and songs of the Sherman Brothers?

Their names were synonymous with the music in the films we grew up watching -  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, The Slipper and the Rose.  

What are your top five songs from the show and why? 

1. Feed the Birds - such a simple but beautiful melody with a sentiment that resonates today.
2. Tell Him Anything - from The Slipper and the Rose - one of my favourite films; I watched it as I got ready on my wedding day.
3. That's what friends are for - such a treat to sing close vocal harmony. 
4. The Ugly Bug Ball - more childhood memories of being a caterpillar at a dance festival when I was 7yrs old!
5.  I Wanna Be Like You!  Who doesn't love to be the King of the Swingers?!

What do you like most about being on tour?

There's something exciting about 'getting in' the show to a new space; finding a local place of interest and finding the best tea rooms for a cheeky company cream tea!

Favourite on-the-road anecdote?  

So many over the years... Getting snowed in over Christmas at the Lyceum theatre in Sheffield…we all stayed overnight in the theatre drinking hot chocolate and telling ghost stories!

... Or the time I stayed in a barn conversion in Wales along with a colony of rather inquisitive bats!

You become a family on the road and that's what I love.

Why should people come to see the show?

The show has a universal appeal whether you're 2 or 92. I guarantee you'll leave the theatre humming your favourite Sherman tune. It's a perfect treat for all the family.

See the fantastic Sophie-Louise Dann in action in this trailer for A Spoonful of Sherman