A Spoonful of Sherman - Glen Facey Q&A

What is ‘A SPOONFUL OF SHERMAN’ about?

It hasn’t followed a structure of anything I’ve done before – I think the audience will love hearing the songs they grew up with and will be surprised about how many they know.

What do you do in the show?
I narrate the story of the Sherman family and semi-adopt the characters when we perform extracts of the Sherman shows – for example I have the privilege of singing I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book so I get to be the cool cat King Louis.

When did you first discover the music and songs of the Sherman Brothers?

The Jungle Book – my dad took me when I was about five.  Then  last year I was on tour with Mary Poppins and learned so much about the music and songs of the Sherman family – we performed everywhere – from Zurich to Dubai!  Everyone loves Mary Poppins.

What are your top five songs from the show and why?     

1. I Wanna Be Like You; get to monkey around onstage!
2. Fly A Kite – that song means so much to me – I fell in love with it when I sang it last year  
3. Dream I Never Dreamed – from Love Birds – one of Robbie’s songs.  I perform it with Jenna
4. Comes Along A Love – I’d never heard of this one before I started researching the show – it’s classic swing, upbeat, written by Al Sherman and sung by Sophie-Louise – it’ll really get the audience’s toes tapping
5. Ugly Bug Ball – I remember putting in the old video tape and the cursor popping about over the words – I was probably about five at the time – loved it ever since. 

What do you like most about being on tour?

The chance to explore new cities – I absolutely love to travel.  We’re going to some beautiful small cities and towns that I’ve never been to before plus some cities I did with ‘Hairspray’ last year – Dubai was HOT!  I’d never experienced heat quite like it – very beautiful city in a way, very grand – air con in the theatre

Why should people come to see the show?

You come along to hear the great songs you love – and to enjoy songs you won’t know and we’re sure you’re gonna love them.

Watch Glen Facey in the trailer for A Spoonful of Sherman