A Spoonful of Sherman - Ben Stock Q&A

What is ‘A SPOONFUL OF SHERMAN’ about?

ASOS is the story of three generations of songwriters, Al, Robert, Richard and Robbie...and at its heart is exactly that - family. The incredible wealth of music produced by these hugely talented men chart the history of their lives and in turn - because so much is familiar - seems to reflect our own growing up.

What do you do in the show?

I am one of the five cast members and also act as musical director and play the majority of the score. Mark Read (another cast member) is also a brilliant pianist which gives me the opportunity to get off the piano to sing and perform...it’s a busy show!

When did you first discover the music and songs of the Sherman Brothers?

The first film I ever saw was The Aristocats, so that was my first introduction - though I was only 5 so I didn’t know it then!!

What are your top five songs from the show and why? 

1. The Aristocats as it is from the first film I ever saw at the cinema                          
2. The ‘Chitty’ songs - I was in the show at the London Palladium for 18 months and it was a very happy time for me
3. Feed The Birds reminds me of trips to London with my Dad when I was a child
4. Comes Along A Love because it’s new to me and a great catchy song
5. Crunch Crackers From Robbie Sherman’s show LOVEBIRDS - I get to sing it and it has LOTS of lyrics - so I feel satisfied after singing it (IF I get them all right!!!)

What do you like most about being on tour?

I adore touring.......different theatres and towns - finding a country house or cafe you’ve not been to before......love it!

Favourite on-the-road anecdote?  (not necessarily from Sherman!)

I once stayed in a brand new barn conversion outside Grimsby but no one had told the chickens who used to live in the barn…EVERY time we opened the door - 40 chickens would make a mad dash into the lounge and we had to chase them out......!

Doing Beauty and The Beast in Derry and the fire alarm going off.......people in the town were surprised to see plates, tea pots, knives, candlesticks and clocks walking up the high street to the assembly point.....!!!

Why should people come to see the show?

Because you’ll have the time of your lives - you will know so many of the songs and be introduced to some new ones, you’ll hear songs and think ‘I didn’t know they wrote that’, you’ll hear the story of a remarkable family, see and hear 4 (5 if I include myself!) brilliant performers and you’ll love an evening or afternoon of nostalgia and revisiting The Songbook Of Your Childhood!

Watch the fantastic cast in action in this sneaky-peak trailer