A Review of Buddy Holly and the Cricketers

Buddy Holly and The Cricketers

A Review

By Katie Wright

Simon Fielder produces the Buddy Holly and The Cricketers show.

It was a crowd-pleasing performance, as a lot of people really enjoyed it, especially as there was a lot of the elderly who came to see the show.  They were singing, dancing, cheering and encouraging them to go on. There was a mix of comedy in the show, but it mostly focused on the music.

The staging had a white sheet in the background with a mainly black flooring for performances involving dance. It also had a few lighting changes e.g. yellow wash or blue and pink lights mixed.

The theme of the show mostly focused on the songs though a few of them had some story behind them or had been recorded in Buddy Holly’s flat.

As this was my first concert, I did enjoy it and it was a good experience for me to know what one is like. I did know a few of the songs but it also taught me a bit more about Buddy Holly and his band.



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