A Review of 4 The Love of Soul and Motown

4 The Love of Soul and Motown

A Review by India O’Mara 

This show was produced by the Vitesse Agency and starred Michael James. He was joined by a female singer who was beautiful. There were also people playing instruments. This was very good.

This was an exciting show that made me feel happy. So happy that I got up and danced.

I liked this show. I liked the singers the best because they had beautiful voices. They sang Stop! In the Name of Love which was magical.

There were lots of other people in the audience and they looked amazed and joined in the dancing.

Michael James wore a hat which I thought was cool. The female singer wore a black dress which I thought was lovely. I particularly liked the glitter.

Out of 5 stars I would give it 10!  I would definitely watch this show again.


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