Your Theatre Lottery

The Guild of Players has signed up with Your Theatre Lottery to raise funds. Your Theatre Lottery was launched in summer of 2020 to allow theatre lovers all over the country the chance to support local theatres and associated good causes, whilst having a chance to win thousands of £s in prizes.

Your Theatre Lottery has teamed up with partners at the National Youth and Community Development Association to participate in the NYCDA Weekly Draw.

By becoming a member of the Your Theatre Lottery Weekly Draw you will not only be helping Theatre Royal Dumfries and The Guild of Players financially, but you will also be giving yourself a chance of winning some of the fantastic prizes the draw gives away. The Guild of Players gets 50% of each £1 you spend on Your Theatre Lottery. The Guild of Players wins every time.

It costs as little as £1 per week to become a member, or £2 per week if you wish to double your chances. For this you’ll receive 7 lucky numbers in the draw, or 14 for £2 per week.

Drawn every Wednesday, this is a great way for fans of theatre to help local theatres survive and thrive while you will have the chance to win cash prizes each week.

Weekly Draw Prize Fund

The Weekly Draw prize fund is currently £1,850. This will be broken down in the following way:

1 x £1,000
1 x £100
2 x £50
2 x £25
10 x £10

Plus a £500 rollover

Theatre Royal Dumfries and The Guild of Players are registered with National Youth & Community Development Association (NYCDA).  Money raised will be managed by The Guild of Players, the Scottish Charity (SC001963) and Company (SC435841) which owns and manages Theatre Royal Dumfries.

Members participate in the NYCDA Weekly Draw, which is registered with the Gambling Commission under account no. 5166 by the National Youth & Community Development Association (NYCDA)