Youth Beatz - Kinkens

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Jun 2019 17 Mon 7:00pm (doors: 6:30pm)

‘Kinkens’ is an Old Scots word for evasive answers to the questions of overly curious children… the kind of questions that stay awake all night, dancing around inside heads. 

Like, what is the meaning of life?

Or, what shape is the mind? 

Or, what if Anxiety and Depression were mates?

This is a show about who we are, why we are, and how we are. It’s a show about broadcast versus communication. And it’s about ways of listening.

Tune a transceiver to 145.500MHz and settle into the night slot on Life FM, where "Kinkens Questions” battles the knottiest of quandaries. In questionably unorthodox ways. 

A poetically off-beat, heart-warming physical comedy by Pip Hambly, featuring original tracks by Kid Carpet.

Experimental yet accomplished… Kinkens is what theatre needs
A Younger Theatre, review of KINKENS work in progress