An Audience with Pamela McLellan

In Conversation
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Jan 2020 30 Thu 7:30pm (doors: 7:00pm)

An Audience with Pamela McLellan

It all started in the late 1950’s – Rock and Roll Music, pirate Radio Stations, dance halls and village hops where you could dance the night away.

Pop singers recording on vinyl records competed for the No.1 spot on the Top of the Hit parade and the teenagers bought their records every week.

Jack Good of the BBC brought out the first Rock and Roll programme on Television in 1957 and it was an instant success, teenagers loved it. It was introduced by Pete Murray with the immortal words:-

                      ‘It’s time to jive on the old Six Five’

Dr. Beeching was also closing lots of railway lines, if he closed their line how would they get to the Six Five Club in town, and how would Pam meet Dave ?

Pamela tells the story of how complete amateurs wrote, produced, directed and put on a rock and roll show, with a professional cast, on stage. So let us take you on a musical journey down memory lane.      Lots of hit songs of the time, Dream Lover, Locomotion, Singing the Blues, Lipstick on your collar, Johnny B. Goode & lots more, including some new rock and roll songs.

There are interviews with Pete Murray, Bill Oddie, Vince Eager, Jess Conrad, Chas McDevitt and Wee Willy Harris.

So put on your dancing shoes, it’s the Six Five Special.